The Power Of Make-Up..Wow

I really surprise to see this picture below.

Picture before & after to many different lo. It look like makeup have a power to make women pretty, also can interact guy to fall in love with them…maybe lo. For guy who always love & admire pretty women will love this fake beauty women…not really fake lo, they still beautiful. Just more beautiful using makeup…..hahaha.

It not wrong using makeup…for me makeup is life of women, without it I think women can’t live…hahaha…..just kidding. I not very like using it…bcoz I feel like something weird on my face & bcoz my face little sensitive with makeup….i don’t want pimple come out & give me a big smile…hehehe.

What u thing???

This one...pretty..hehehe
p/s: I also want become pretty & beautiful like them but i want a natural beauty lo.


PoisonKagero said...

Make-up is not that important... if we're still young it's better to be natural =]

Angeline said...

yup...natural beauty

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