My Nuffnang Buffered Earnings

Beside received earning from clik2 ads by visitor that interesting to ur ads.
U also can earn some or lot of earning from buffered earning.

This one i not sure how we get buffered earning.
Some of my friend said, maybe bcoz lots visitor visit ur blog.
Another reason not sure lo.
Maybe someone can explain here!!

Ok...lets check my buffered earning far..emmm

Hah....just one buffered earning in my list.
For now lo, hope get more of it...soooon.

And this was my metered earning.
 From what my friend said, metered earning was buffered earning that already finish campaign.
I think like that lo...i also not sure.
Someone can help here...pls explain!!!

Flirting Tips For Men

Warning for flirting for u all.

1. Know what you want and what is reasonable to expect

Some men flirt with women primarily to get sex. However, if you put aside that outcome and flirt just to be friendly you are opening yourself to different opportunities. You may well end up with a new lover but if that doesn’t work out you could meet someone who becomes a good friend and who knows who she might introduce you to. Keep your options open.

2. Make sure your hair is clean and your body and breath smell good.

You don’t have to douse yourself in after-shave, just take care of personal hygiene at the basic level. As like seeks like, dirty unwashed people will end up with dirty unwashed people! Fine if it suits you but if you are looking for something else……

Cowell To Leave 'Idol' Next Year

Simon Cowell’s brother says the next season of “American Idol” will be the judge’s last.

Tony Cowell said in his weekly podcast, “The Cowell Factor,” that a statement was being prepared that would certify that the acerbic British judge was leaving the popular Fox signing competition at the end of 2010.

Simon Cowell will concentrate on bringing his popular U.K. talent show “The X Factor” to the U.S. next year, his brother said on the Saturday podcast, which has since been removed.

Lets Sing A Christmas Song With Chipmunk

Lets sing a christmas song together with Alvin & The Chipmunks.

Wishing All Merry X'mas

Here i like to wish all my friend & blogger, Merry X'mas.
Hope all enjoy ur day today.

Hohohoho....Merry X'mas, santa is coming to town.

More Than Words

LOVE is More Than I LOVE U all my heart.


Saying I love you
Is not the words I want to hear from you
It's not that I want you
Not to say, but if you only knew
How easy it would be to show me how you feel
More than words is all you have to do to make it real
Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me
Cos I'd already know

I Love U, U Love Me?

Do u know what is LOVE mean?
Love not just we saying to the person we love and caring…I LOVE U.
The meaning of LOVE is difficult to describe bcoz LOVE mean more than word.

 Here some quote describe about LOVE....all about LOVE.

"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."

Boss And His Secretary ….Take a good laugh ok!!

Ok friend, let cheer this night with this funny story.

Boss walked into the office one morning not knowing that his zipper was down.

His secretary walked up to him and asked,

'Boss this morning when you left your house, did you close your gate?'

Boss was not smart enough to understand, so he went back into his office looking a bit puzzled!

When he was about done with his paper work, he suddenly noticed that his Zipper was not zipped up.

He zipped up and remembering what his secretary had told him, then boss finally understood.

He then intentionally went out to ask for a cup of coffee from his secretary.

When he reached her desk, He said, 'When you saw the gate open did you see my BMW parked in there?'

The secretary smiled for a moment and said,

'No, Boss I didn't. All I saw was a Kancil 600 with 2 flat tyres.'

Boss went back to his office mumbling...

Your Age By Chocolate Match

This one really interesting. U should try it. I got this from my friend email.

It takes less than a minute .
Work this out as you read ..
Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out!
This is not one of those waste of time things, it's fun.

5 Tips For Long Lasting Relationships

For those who want they relationships long lasting, can follow this 5 tips. Hope it useful.

1. Start Over 
When couples first get together, everything is new and exciting. They overlook the little annoying things the other person does. However, after time, the nagging starts, instead of hearing, "You look beautiful," they might hear "Why are you wearing that shirt?" If this sounds like your relationship, first, the two of you need to sit down and be honest that things have changed. Identify the things each of you did in the beginning of the relationship that created the attraction in the first place.

Then together, make a commitment to start over. The truth is, both of you will have to work on this. It will not automatically be easy but it is possible. Start by forgiving each other, forgetting the past, and then start over with the flirtation. Focus only on the special things your mate does and relearn to put the unimportant things aside. It will take some time so be patient

Angelina Jolie Calendar-P.2

She hot, she sexy....she Angelina Jolie.

Susan Boyle's Video Is The Most-Watched On YouTube

The year's biggest hits on the Internet's top video channel were anchored by an improbable singing sensation, a groggy boy nursing a sore mouth, a bride and groom dancing down the wedding aisle, supernatural heart-throbs and roller-skating babies.
The eclectic cast of characters starring in YouTube's most-watched videos of 2009 served as a reminder of the quirky appeal of a Web site that accepts about 20 hours of new video every minute.
The list released Wednesday marks the first time that YouTube has ranked its most-watched videos in any year since its 2005 inception.

Angeline Jolie Calendar-P.1

New year 2010 will coming soon.
So, let check some cool calendar of Angeline Jolie.
U will love it.

Lee Min Ho & Dara Kissed...I Love It!

I like this song very much.....lets enjoy it together.

Here some pictures Lee Min Ho & Dara kissing...soooo sweet.

10 Signs A Man Is Not Ready To Commit

1. He is Noncommittal and Vague About His Feelings

You can never quite get him to admit to the depth (or shallowness) of his feelings for you. You are ‘okay’, ‘alright’ or ‘straight’. He hasn’t made any proclamations about what you mean to him, how important you are to him or what he thinks about you. In the best-case scenario (if your man is not particularly talkative), he shows his feelings, even if he doesn’t tell you about them. He is polite, courteous and responsive to your needs. He cooks for you. He mows the lawn (unasked). Or something along those lines. The worst-case scenario? He doesn’t share any of his feelings with you because he doesn’t have any. The deepest feeling he has for you is the aforementioned ‘alright’. And nobody wants to be just 'alright'.

2. He Doesn’t Share His Plans With You

You don’t know how he spends his free time. You don’t know who his friends are. You don’t know what his goals are. Yet he seems to have a whole, entire and active life completely apart from you. This is not a good sign. If you are not a significant part of his current life, you are probably not a significant part of his future plans either. If you are in a new relationship, give it some time. But if you still know very little about him after dating him for several months (or several years), this man is quite happy to keep you right where he has you – on the outside looking in.

3. He Doesn’t Answer the Phone When You Call

Yes, I know we all get busy sometimes. I don’t answer my phone at least 30% of the time (I have to work and sleep, you know). But if, he rarely or never picks up? Or if he is only calls you in response to a message (or several) you’ve left on his phone or because he sees your number on his caller ID? Bad, bad, bad signs. A man who is interested in you wants to talk to you. No matter what else he has going on – work, family, children or whatever. You should be a priority to him (or at least your phone calls should be). If you are not, you need to re-consider his being a priority in your life.

4. He Hasn’t Introduced You to Anyone (or Introduces You as a ‘Friend’)

Okay – this is simple. If a man has not introduced you to anybody he knows (and he at least has a mama, a couple of friends, co-workers, or somebody), you are probably not very important to him or his life. Why do I say that? What’s one of the first things you do when you meet someone (that you really like)? Introduce him to your friends or invite him to different functions. Men are not so very different from us – if they love having you around, they will invite you to be where they are. And, in the normal course of those invitations, you will meet people who are in his life. If you haven't, then beware. And, closely related to this:

5. He Doesn’t Tell Anyone About You

When you talk to him, he may mention conversations he's had with his family or friends. He tells you all about these conversations where he discusses baseball games or the basketball finals he watched on tv, the repair he's having done to his car or how his boss is getting on his nerves. He may even mention to these aforesaid friends and family his weekend plans. But, then you catch on to something – he told them what he was going to do, but not with whom he would be doing those things (namely, you). A simple oversight? An overriding need for privacy? Possibly. But, more than likely, he is not ready for anyone to know of your existence in his life. This could be for a number of reasons, but none of them are good. So, keep up with his mentions of you in his life – it is an important indicator of intent and the seriousness with which he takes your relationship.

6. He Talks About His Future in Terms of ‘I’

When he talks about where he's going to live, what job he plans on getting or what school he plans to attend, it's all about him. "I'm" going to move to Florida or "I'm" going to go to the University of Nevada. Or, even when he talks about things that could conceivably involve you, like a future trip, moving from his apartment to his house or even a movie he plans to see, for heaven's sake, still no mention of you. What should this say to you? That he's still thinking of himself in terms of being single. It has not yet occurred to him that the relationship he has with you could become more serious. All those "I's" and lacks of "we's" is his subconscious way of telling you that he does not consider you to be his partner.

7. He Doesn’t Take You Out

Sure, he likes spending time with you – but only in the privacy of his home. Or, he can hang out with you at school, but it never seems to go further than the coffee shop or library. This man is not ready to be serious with you. A man who wants to be with you will spend time with you in a variety of places – both publicly and privately. And even if he's not personally very interested in going to the museum, eating out or seeing a movie, he should at least be willing to give it a shot if it means pleasing you. Beware of a man who limits your activity to one specific type of place.

8. Only Calls Late (aka Treats You Like a Booty Call)

Right. I know that we are all Christians and we are not engaging in late-night conversations with inapproporate men. But, just in case this applies to you (and you are accepting those late-night calls), just understand that he is not serious about you. If he only calls late, you have to ask yourself: what is he doing between the hours of 8am and 9pm? Why can't he call then? Is he involved with someone else? Is he married or recently separated? Or does he simply see you as a way to get his needs met (whatever they are)? Unless he works a really odd shift, there is no reason that your guy cannot call you at a reasonable hour. Do what seems right to you, but know that late night calls do not equal serious intentions.

9. He Doesn’t Share Personal Information 

Have you ever asked yourself why you don't know where your guy lives? Or where he works? Or you're not even 100% sure of his last name? Unless you are truly just disinterested (or aren't inquisitive enough to ask him), it's probably because he doesn't want you to know. And why doesn't he want you to know? He could be hiding something. Or, most likely he doesn't consider your relationship to be serious enough to share the serious information about his life with you. Don't think so? Try asking him thoe questions the next time you see him. His answers (or lack of answers) will speak for themselves.

10. He Doesn’t Take an Interest in Your Activities or Your Future Plans

We've already been over the fact that he doesn't tell you his future plans. But now, to add insult to injury, he doesn't ask about yours either. Why is this such a bad thing? Let me ask you something – to what kind of people do you fail to ask questions like these? That's right – acquaintances. People you barely know. You even talk to your boss (who you can't stand) about what you plan to do for the weekend. Yet your guy doesn't ask? Very suspicious. Suspicious enough for you to rightly think that he simply isn't interested in knowing. Or else – he'd ask.

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