Intelligent & Creative Ads Against Smoking

This pictures was send by my office friend.
All ads picture was so creative & have a good msg for those who like smoking.


Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) In Twilight Saga New Moon

Here some of pictures Bella Swan with another actors in New Moon.
She really need a men all time...hahaha just kidding.

New Moon Sets New Record

The Twilight Saga: New Moon has raked in US$26.3mil (RM89.42mil) to set a new record for midnight openings at its North American box office Friday, industry reports said.

Entertainment industry sources said the highly-anticipated sequel beat Batman: The Dark Knight, which took US$18.4mil (RM62.56mil) in 2008, and even the sixth Harry Potter film.
Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince earned US$22.2mil (RM75.48mil) earlier this year in midnight screenings.
If New Moon's popularity continues, the film could set new records.
The Twilight movies are based on the books by Stephenie Meyer and are about the fortunes of high school teenager Bella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart) and her vampire lover Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson).
The first Twilight film i opened in November 2008 and earned about US$383 million (RM1.3bil) worldwide.

p/s: Wow...i really can't wait watch this movie, but at here not yet show lo. Need to wait a few days. I know many fan of Twilight really crazy to watch this new series, New Moon include me to..hehe. 

Collection Of Wedding Dress 2009-P.1

Wow...that all i can say right now!! It so beautiful. I want wear one of it.

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10 Things Men Should Know About Woman

Women and men are different. We've got a lot in common, but sometimes we just want different things. Our culture stops us from communicating what we really want, especially in dating situations - and there's some things that are just too awkward to explain.

What secrets aren't being shared? Here's ten things you need to know.

* "We don't always need you to fix it."
 There's an old saying that when a man pops the hood of his car, all the other men gather around. But this helpfulness becomes irritating if a woman is just looking for sympathy. What she wants to hear is "I understand" - not "You should try doing it this way!"

* "You're not fooling anyone." Mark Twain said that boys start out by imitating men - and then continue to do so for the rest of their life. It gets confusing for men when their friends or teachers encourage them to act more mature - but a real connection comes from being yourself. A little honesty is attractive, while acting overconfident is a put-off.

* R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
Don't fake respect - feel it. Everyone likes to feel good about themselves, and ultimately everyone does have something to offer. Your mission is to find that - in yourself, and in the women around you. Instead of being a chore, this is really part of the fun. What's her superpower - and what's yours?

* Share your sweetness. Men are discouraged from being "too emotional" when they're young, but in a relationship there's one emotion women love to see: affection. If you're thinking a fond thought, share it. If she looks fantastic, tell her! No matter how you were raised, it's okay to be sentimental during those quiet moments on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

* "If we're interested, we'll let you know." Obviously when approaching someone there's a subtle dance, since somebody still has to make the first move. But if you've already signaled your interest, you'll get a signal back if the woman you're pursuing is also interested. And if there's no signal back - that's a signal in itself. If you keep pushing it, you're just being annoying.

* Don't presume she's interested. When a man approaches a woman, she's thinking two things. "Why is he talking to me?" and "When is he leaving?" It's always uncomfortable when a strange man approaches a woman. Successful pick-up lines invent a plausible reason for the initial contact - and preferably, one that signals you're leaving soon. Use that moment to make an impression - but never presume that you've earned an ongoing audience!

* Listening works. Whether we know it or not, everyone really just wants to connect. Unfortunately, you can feel alone even when talking to someone - if you're feeling they don't understand you! But there's a real joy in communicating. It helps to find something you're both interested in, but the real key is listening for the feeling behind the words.

* Neediness is a turn off. Men want things, women want things. But telegraphing your voids, your frustrations, and your unresolved pains...makes you sound like a lot of work. No one wants a partner who's "high maintenance." If you really want a successful relationship, make sure you've got your own life in order first.

* Don't lie. Even with little things, dishonesty leaves a permanent mark. If "men are from Mars," trusting them requires a leap of faith. But instead, lies create a reason for distrusting. And even an undiscovered lie can damage a relationship - since then you've really made a commitment towards maintaining that lie, indefinitely!

* Don't sweat it. Women are just like you. Movies and TV shows show extreme examples of female behavior - and male behavior. Fortunately, no one's like that in real life. We're all just people.

Discovering that is part of the fun!

Cute Pen Drives(8Pics)

Which one u like?

What Man Need?

 Girls, check this out...u will know what man need from u....hope it useful.

1. He needs a woman who cares to his effort and regards for what he provide.

2. He needs a woman to share what he has.

3. He needs a woman who gives him a chance to give her needs.

4. He needs a woman who could accept him who he is.

5. He needs a woman who trust to him and depend to him for what can he provide.

6. He needs a woman to support him to be the best.

7. He needs a woman who happy with him, loves him, and responsive to him.

8. He needs a woman who adores him for what he done or he tries to do.

9. He needs a woman who receptive to his plan and his suggestion.

10. He needs a woman who can forgive his mistake.

Concept Hotel Copter(6Pics)

Nice & expensive.

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