Today Independence Day, What Can I Do?

Today Independence Day, What Can I Do?

Don't know lo...maybe went to downtown, check what festival going on. Or maybe go shopping..hehe.

Anyway, i wish all Malaysian 'HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY'.


Stefania Fernandez Miss Universe 2009(8Pisc)

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez won the “2009 Miss Universe” pageant in the Nassau, Bahamas on Sunday night August 23.

The 18 years old Stefania Fernandez was crowned as the most beautiful woman in the universe. She was crowned by reigning Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela.

Lets see more picture of her......waaa nice become a pretty women in the world. Just imagine, if i become like her?...hahaha dreaming only.

Interesting Korean Paper Cutting(10Pcs)

My friend email this lovely Korean paper cutting to me today. I love it...the person doing this picture so creative. I wish i can be like him or her.

Lets view it together.

Creative Peacock Feathers Wedding Dress

This dress, i really love beautiful. If i wear it, i will become pretty like peacock...hahaha. Just kidding. This beautiful picture forward by my friend at office.

All this picture taken at the wedding show in the Chinese city of Nanking. This creative peacock feathers wedding dress was made by hand, with eight masters took it for 2 months. Wow...i think it cost a lot to.

Bed Time My Dear!

Hahaha...go to sleep now. Happy Sunday Guys & Gurls.

12 Horoscope Wedding Gown-Part 2

Let see another 6 horoscope wedding gown...beautiful right?

12 Horoscope Wedding Gown-Part 1

I really love all this wedding gown. It look lovely. Thx to my friend bcoz email it to me.

Ok choose which gown ur gurl love.

I like Capricorn gown.....wonder when will my turn to wear it in my wedding day..hehe.

What U Been Used By 13+++ Users?

Warning....don't ever date with girl who was been used by many users...haha3

Future of Dating

Wow...if like this future dating. I want lo.
Can detect detail someone identity. Whether he bad or good person.

How ToTell The Salesman The Bikini Too Small

Any idea how to tell salesman the bikini to small?

No idea??...If like that watch this video.

Learn how this girl doing it..hahaha

Wonderful View For Balcony SEARS TOWER!!

For those who not afraid of high, can try stand at balcony Sears Tower to view a wonderful color of world. From the top of this building we can see many kind shape of building, people or some of view we never see it before.

For me, I don’t dare to try bcoz I scare of high. When I stand at high place my heart feel dom dom dom & my body feel fall down.

U Beautiful Like SunFlower

U beautiful like sunflower, my dear.

Really? Me....oh thx. Ofcoz i beautiful like u all to.

Love sunflower....muaaaaaaaaaaah.

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