20 Items That Should Be In Every Woman's Handbag

Women are often accused of carrying too much 'rubbish' in their handbags but if we didn't carry such essentials then who else would?!

Below we've listed our top 20 items which should live in every woman's handbag - without these items we would be lost!

1. Money - probably an obvious choice but how many times have you left the house and forgotten your purse? Get rid of your loose change instead of collecting it in a jar at home.

2. Mobile phone - what on earth did we do before mobile phones were invented? Well I guess we used smelly telephone boxes but that meant that people couldn't get hold of us if they were running late, also it meant that we would have to talk super fast before the beeps told us that the call was ending - urgh.

3. Credit card- a girl's best friend or a girl's worst enemy depending on how you look at it. Going on a shopping trip? Make sure you take your plastic friend with you for a little day out.

4. Shopper or old plastic bag - plastic bags are evil. Fact. When out shopping don't a) ruin your outfit by coordinating it with a tacky branded bag or b) add to the ever-increasing land fill problems by using up another plastic bag. Reuse an old plastic bag or use a cotton shopper that can fold up inside your handbag instead.

Sex-Hungry Lovers Make Jailhouse Rock....Wow, Interesthing Story!!

credit: Pak Google

A loving couple, who could not be parted, have performed the Romeo and Juliet series in real life at a prison in Germany.

In this series, 33-year-old Daniele Eberhardt broke into a detention house in Bielefeld where his girlfriend has been incarcerated for drug charges.

For weeks, Eberhardt scaled a three-metre fence, dodged surveillance cameras and used a skeleton key made from a spoon to enter the low security prison to have sex with her every night.

And he did not get caught until their moans troubled the other prisoners who complained to the wardens, UK's Daily Mail reported.

Friedhel Sanker, deputy governor of the prison, said some of the inmates felt that their sleep was being disturbed while others feared that the man might try to come and 'visit' them too.

Happy Birthday Nuffnang & Tq 4 Giving Me Money..He3!

Here i want 2 wish

 I just know today..Nuffnang will turns 3 this year.
I'm glad become one of Nuffnang member.
Muahhhh...tq Nuffnang for all u have done.

And tq tooooo bcoz giving me new buffered earning.
I really happy about it.


Update: Manohara Case

KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court has fixed March 11 to decide on the amount of damages to be paid by the estranged wife and mother-in-law of the Tengku Temenggong of Kelantan, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Sultan Ismail Petra, in the defamation suit he filed against them.

Senior assistant registrar Noordura Mohamed Din set the date in her chambers at the Jalan Duta court complex here Wednesday.

Tengku Muhammad Fakhry’s counsel Mohd Haaziq Pillay said the claims made by Cik Puan Temenggong Manohara Odelia Pinot and her mother Daisy Fajarina against the Kelantan prince were not supported by evidence.

“The motives behind the defamatory statements are questionable and may be deduced from the current dispute in the Kelantan palace,” he told reporters after Noordura heard his submissions in her chambers.

Types Of Hugs....Which One U Love The Most??

From a friendly hug to a passionate squeeze, hugging is the universal language of love, comfort, and friendship. Read through this list of different types of hugs and pick a few to try with your sweetie. If you have an different type of hug that you'd like to see here, submit it and we'll add it to the list.

'I Love You' Hug
A close cheek-to-cheek hug that says "I Love You" even more with an added kiss on the lips.

'I Want You Now' Hug
A close hug with a bit of rubbing and grinding.

Big Bear Hug
Pull your partner in really, really, really close, put your arms completely around them, and squeeze tight.

Butt Squeeze Hug
A sexy, passionate hug. Pull your partner in close, lift your leg around their legs and give their butt a passionate squeeze.

Ecstatic Jump-n-Hug
Run at your partner and jump into their arms with excitement!

Encouraging Hug
Pull your partner close and give them a gentle squeeze with a light pat on the back.

Update: My Nuffnang Progress

My Nuffnang progress.....any new???

Nothing special....so far i haven't receive chq yet.
Maybe now need wait 2 mths to receive chq from Nuffnang..don't know lo.
Coz it almost 2 mths i waiting.....so tired lo...hahaha.

This week my blog analytics

Not many ppl visit my blog lo..wawawa...so sad...hehehehe

But my little star waaaa..i got full star for skyscraper.
I hope can get all full star someday.

Beginning this year..i just received 1 buffered earning & 2 metered earning.
Not many lo...but ok.

I think....i need increase more traffic to this blog.
Ye lo..sometime so lady blogwalking ma...hehehe.

Yepiii...Holiday Again

This week i take annual leave again.
Hehehe...cont' holiday after CNY.

So..go back 'kampung', take a rest & do anything i like.
Specially update my blog & blogwalking.
Beside enjoy my day with my family.
 Ok...let cont' blogwalking again...hehehe.

 Let increase our traffic now.

Wow....Great PhotoShop Skills

Let take a look some cool photos

Wow.....Malaysia's Rich Get Richer..I want Become Rich Also!!

Malaysia's 40 richest people recorded an increase in their fortunes as they were collectively worth RM156.7 billion as at Jan 15, or 63 per cent more than the RM96.3 billion a year ago, on the back of a recovery in the stock market, according to a Malaysian Business survey.

However, according to the fortnightly magazine's survey results released in a statement Tuesday, their combined wealth was still less than the RM171.9 billion recorded in 2008.

The benchmark FBM KLCI has risen 44.3 per cent since its last survey as the world strives to get back on its feet following the global financial crisis.

The full list of the 40 tycoons and details of their wealth were published in the magazine's Feb 16 issue.

Must Read:'Saviour' Charged With Rape & Incest

An Israeli man who kept a cult-like harem of women and fathered dozens of children with them was charged in a Tel Aviv court Sunday with enslavement, rape, incest and other sexual offenses.

The 25-page indictment accused 60-year-old Goel Ratzon of setting himself up as a "godlike" figure who preyed on troubled women while treating them like "chattel."

The case has captivated the Israeli public since Ratzon's arrest last month.

Several of the women have come forward with details of their unconventional lives, describing their attraction to the man with flowing, long white hair.

Ratzon, who remains behind bars, has denied any wrongdoing and said the women joined him voluntarily.

According to the indictment, Ratzon kept at least 21 women who bore him a total of 49 children.

It said he kept the women in a state of near-total obedience in crowded apartments in the Tel Aviv area, taking their welfare checks and making them take bank loans which he then confiscated.

Ratzon created an "image of an omnipotent one who was blessed with supernatural powers and the ability to heal, destroy and cast curses," the indictment said.

Must Read: Cheap Dating Ideas For Those On A Budget

When you date someone, you want to make an impression on her. This is especially if it's one of your first few dates and you would like to take it further. But what if money is tight and you just don't have the means to do fancy stuff and wine and dine her? Yet, you don't want to seem like a cheapskate and have her think that she's anything less than special to you.

But whoever said that to have an enjoyable time with someone, you had to spend a lot of money? You can enjoy each other's company even on a shoestring budget. Some couples have had great dates with little money but a lot of imagination. Maybe you can learn from them.

Some of the all-time favorite cheap date ideas:

1. A walk in the park 
Take a leisurely stroll with your date through rambling paths and lush greenery. Walk hand-in-hand and talk about your interests, family, trees, nature, anything! The cost for leading her up the garden path - zilch!

2. Go for a jog 
If you and your date are up for it, put on your track pants and running shoes and head out for a jog. While the jog itself won't give you much opportunity to talk, it's always great to work up a sweat together. And afterwards, you can stretch together and maybe you can even give her an impromptu massage to soothe those aching muscles. That's called 'Giving her a run for (no) money'!

Happy Chinese New Year & Valentine Day To All Blogger

Here i want 2 wish all people around the world

Gong Xi Fa Chai.
Happy Chinese New Year
May you all have a happy and prosperous Year Of Tiger.
And also 
May all u love live forever

Cute Pictures Of Face & Toons

If u want..u can let them do it for u.

Must Read: 6 Ways To Impact Someone Else's Day

Give a try...maybe it useful.

1. Give The Gift Of A Compliment:
A simple compliment like "you look nice today," or a sincere "thank you for what you are doing" can go along way and should be part of our daily routines. This kind of recognition makes the other individual involved feel better and will generally make them feel more comfortable.

2. Give The Gift Of Affection:

Don't be afraid to give hugs, kisses and "pats on the back" to the people you love. Maybe tell them how much you appreciate them in your life? Affection is something that we all crave as part of our human nature. This is a very good gift to give and lets the other person know that you care.

3. Give The Gift Of Laughter:

Make someone laugh today! Laugh at yourself with them if you have to. Laughter is one of the best gifts you can give because it reaches the internal soul of another and is natural. Making someone laugh is very pure and great for the inner being.

Just To Say 'Hi'-10 Cute Pictures

Hi there...miss u all.

10 Tips For A Positive New Year

1. Take a morning walk of gratitude. It will create a fertile mind ready for success.

2. Transform adversity into success by deciding that change is not your enemy but your friend.
3. Make a difference to the lives of others.

4. Don't waste your precious energy on gossip, issues of the past, negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.

Woman Survives Fall From 10th Floor..Waa Thanks God, She Ok!!

MIRI: A woman fell from the 10th floor and landed on the fifth floor of a hotel in the city on Friday.

The 26-year-old survived with broken bones and thigh injuries.

Miri OCPD ACP Jamaluddin Ibrahim confirmed the case to thesundaypost yesterday.

He said Miri Police rushed to the scene on Friday after being informed of the incident by the public.

“She was rushed to Miri Hospital for treatment and we were told by doctors that she suffered injuries on her thigh and broken bones,” he said.

The cause of the incident was not immediately known.

p/s: She sure a lucky women coz can survives from 10th floor.

Lindsay Lohan Who? U Know Her?

Lindsay Lohan's father thinks prescription drugs have changed her.

Michael Lohan has spoken out over his concerns the 'Mean Girls' actress hasn't been her normal self for a while because of her alleged use of strong medication.

He said: "Lindsay is just not Lindsay as long as she's on prescription medication, whether doctors prescribe it or not."

Lindsay has been estranged from her father from several months, since he first began publicly commenting on her private life, her on/off relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson and her health.

Very Nice Story - Don't Miss To Read it!!!

An elderly man in Mumbai calls his son in New York and says,

'I hate to ruin your day son, but I have to tell you that your mother and I are getting a divorce; 35 years of marriage... and that much misery is enough!'

'Dad, what are you talking about?' the son screams.

'We can't stand the sight of each other any longer,' the old man says.

'We're sick of each other, and I'm sick of talking about this, so you call your sister in Hong Kong and tell her!'

Tips For A Green Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a happy occasion, but with just a little bit of ingenuity and effort, you can make this Year of the Tiger into a more eco-friendly one too!

When doing spring cleaning… 

Sort your unwanted stuffs into recyclable and non-recyclable categories. Recyclable materials such as books, newspapers, plastic and glass bottles should be placed at recycling bins while the non-recyclables should be disposed of safely and considerately. Do not leave any unwanted items along the corridors!

Hot & Sexy Daughter Of Saudi Prince Walid Bin Talal

Waa...she so sexy lo.
Love she body..i wish i like her.

New Lamborghini.......Cool!!

Waa...nice...but expensive.

Oh My God...She So Cute!!

I love this one very much.
She soooo cute lo.
Got this pictures from my friend email.

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