Lindsay Lohan Who? U Know Her?

Lindsay Lohan's father thinks prescription drugs have changed her.

Michael Lohan has spoken out over his concerns the 'Mean Girls' actress hasn't been her normal self for a while because of her alleged use of strong medication.

He said: "Lindsay is just not Lindsay as long as she's on prescription medication, whether doctors prescribe it or not."

Lindsay has been estranged from her father from several months, since he first began publicly commenting on her private life, her on/off relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson and her health.
After being shown a video of Lindsay being interviewed for 'The Insider' about how she wanted to clear her home of items she had been hoarding for years, Michael appeared concerned about her wellbeing.

He told Radar Online: "Oh God, here we go. It's not the room that bothers me, it's the look in her eyes.

"I always had a saying in my family. When things around me are a mess I felt like my life is a mess."

However, the internet blogger is adamant he is only trying to help his "gifted" daughter return to her normal "bright" self.

He explained: "Blindness, just something coating that beautiful person inside - a gifted, gifted child. There's just a veil, it overshadows everything that is so bright inside of her."

Lindsay has always denied she has a problem with prescription medication.
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