Update: My Nuffnang Progress

My Nuffnang progress.....any new???

Nothing special....so far i haven't receive chq yet.
Maybe now need wait 2 mths to receive chq from Nuffnang..don't know lo.
Coz it almost 2 mths i waiting.....so tired lo...hahaha.

This week my blog analytics

Not many ppl visit my blog lo..wawawa...so sad...hehehehe

But my little star waaaa..i got full star for skyscraper.
I hope can get all full star someday.

Beginning this year..i just received 1 buffered earning & 2 metered earning.
Not many lo...but ok.

I think....i need increase more traffic to this blog.
Ye lo..sometime so lady blogwalking ma...hehehe.


bareessence said...

i need to work hard too.. :)

we can do this!!!

zac zirwan said...

how to get the buffered?

kenwooi said...

yeah.. the more traffic, the higher the earnings =)


§pinzer said...

i oso wanna get higher traffics! :D

Admin said...

i not sure how to get buffered lo...maybe traffic

ayim said...

ya...me also need to increase the traffic, not many visitors to my blog too :) berusaha! ^^

Admin said...

yup..b'usaha ayim

DaHLia said...

u r more lucky...i got more but no buff..so sad :(

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