Must Read: 6 Ways To Impact Someone Else's Day

Give a try...maybe it useful.

1. Give The Gift Of A Compliment:
A simple compliment like "you look nice today," or a sincere "thank you for what you are doing" can go along way and should be part of our daily routines. This kind of recognition makes the other individual involved feel better and will generally make them feel more comfortable.

2. Give The Gift Of Affection:

Don't be afraid to give hugs, kisses and "pats on the back" to the people you love. Maybe tell them how much you appreciate them in your life? Affection is something that we all crave as part of our human nature. This is a very good gift to give and lets the other person know that you care.

3. Give The Gift Of Laughter:

Make someone laugh today! Laugh at yourself with them if you have to. Laughter is one of the best gifts you can give because it reaches the internal soul of another and is natural. Making someone laugh is very pure and great for the inner being.
4. Give The Gift Of Listening: 

Genuinely listen to someone. Do not interrupt them, don't daydream during a conversation, and try to respond only when asked...this is listening. Looking back at someone directly into their eyes when they are talking to you shows them that you are interested in what they are saying and will make them feel good.

5. Give The Gift Of A Written Note:

Send out a thank you note, a get-well card, or maybe just write a letter to an old friend? How you make others feel with this type of effort is unmeasurable. Other people understand the thoughtfulness behind a written note. And the fact that you took time out of your day to do such a thing will always make make them feel good, even if only for a moment.

6. Give The Gift Of Your Time:

Donate your time to a family member, friend or maybe just a good cause in your neighborhood or area that you live. What you accomplish will go way beyond the time spent in the act of helping. People remember back to how you helped them. If you are creative in what you do for them, this actually can be a great way for continuing to help them way beyond the time you actually donated.


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