10 Things Men Should Know About Woman

Women and men are different. We've got a lot in common, but sometimes we just want different things. Our culture stops us from communicating what we really want, especially in dating situations - and there's some things that are just too awkward to explain.

What secrets aren't being shared? Here's ten things you need to know.

* "We don't always need you to fix it."
 There's an old saying that when a man pops the hood of his car, all the other men gather around. But this helpfulness becomes irritating if a woman is just looking for sympathy. What she wants to hear is "I understand" - not "You should try doing it this way!"

* "You're not fooling anyone." Mark Twain said that boys start out by imitating men - and then continue to do so for the rest of their life. It gets confusing for men when their friends or teachers encourage them to act more mature - but a real connection comes from being yourself. A little honesty is attractive, while acting overconfident is a put-off.

* R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
Don't fake respect - feel it. Everyone likes to feel good about themselves, and ultimately everyone does have something to offer. Your mission is to find that - in yourself, and in the women around you. Instead of being a chore, this is really part of the fun. What's her superpower - and what's yours?

* Share your sweetness. Men are discouraged from being "too emotional" when they're young, but in a relationship there's one emotion women love to see: affection. If you're thinking a fond thought, share it. If she looks fantastic, tell her! No matter how you were raised, it's okay to be sentimental during those quiet moments on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

* "If we're interested, we'll let you know." Obviously when approaching someone there's a subtle dance, since somebody still has to make the first move. But if you've already signaled your interest, you'll get a signal back if the woman you're pursuing is also interested. And if there's no signal back - that's a signal in itself. If you keep pushing it, you're just being annoying.

* Don't presume she's interested. When a man approaches a woman, she's thinking two things. "Why is he talking to me?" and "When is he leaving?" It's always uncomfortable when a strange man approaches a woman. Successful pick-up lines invent a plausible reason for the initial contact - and preferably, one that signals you're leaving soon. Use that moment to make an impression - but never presume that you've earned an ongoing audience!

* Listening works. Whether we know it or not, everyone really just wants to connect. Unfortunately, you can feel alone even when talking to someone - if you're feeling they don't understand you! But there's a real joy in communicating. It helps to find something you're both interested in, but the real key is listening for the feeling behind the words.

* Neediness is a turn off. Men want things, women want things. But telegraphing your voids, your frustrations, and your unresolved pains...makes you sound like a lot of work. No one wants a partner who's "high maintenance." If you really want a successful relationship, make sure you've got your own life in order first.

* Don't lie. Even with little things, dishonesty leaves a permanent mark. If "men are from Mars," trusting them requires a leap of faith. But instead, lies create a reason for distrusting. And even an undiscovered lie can damage a relationship - since then you've really made a commitment towards maintaining that lie, indefinitely!

* Don't sweat it. Women are just like you. Movies and TV shows show extreme examples of female behavior - and male behavior. Fortunately, no one's like that in real life. We're all just people.

Discovering that is part of the fun!
(Source: www.helium.com)


ijal said...

hmmm.... agreed!

conan_cat said...

nice! i guess both men and women should compromise on these things :D after all, as much as they try to advocate gender equality, it's pretty much impossible to do so, lol

kak Scha said...

I love ur entries. Keep up da good works :) Thanks for da compliments. There's alot more to learn. Still learning :) Take care~

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