Love Angelina Jolie More Than Megan Fox

Which one u choose? Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox? Both of them have a sexy thick lips, long legs and tattoos....For me, i more love Angelina Jolie, not bcoz she amazingly gorgeous but also very talented actor. I really like the way she act in Tomb Raider movies.

Angelina Jolie not just a mature grown sexy women but also she looks very dangerous and exotic when she played Lara Croft and her acting was great.

Megan fox.......i think she looks too much like a little girl that just sexy & hot looking only. She does not look exotic at all.

Check this out:

A National Enquirer spywitness report reads:

….She suddenly started yelling at a male admirer who’d made a comment she’s heard a thousand times: “You look a lot like ANGELINA JOLIE!”

“Look, are you aware of who ‘FHM’ magazine voted the Sexiest Woman Alive? ME! Not Angelina Jolie…it was ME! God, Jolie was lucky to make Number Nine!”

….Fox launched into a wild anti-Jolie rant, shrieking stuff like: “I’m only 21 and she’s like…ancient! I’m much hotter than her.”

Waa...Megan Fox now dreaming to become new Angelina Jolie...Hahahaha. What a gurl? Copycat.........miow miow...hahaha.


Mabel Low said...

Megan is a bimbo lah. She never thinks before she speaks, and insulting many as a result >.<
But Angelina Jolie got bad temper. Haha. As for the looks, i'd vote for Angelina ;) She's the sweat lamb!

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