Megan Fox :Tops List ‘Most Envied Bodies 2009’

Wow...Megan Fox now become more & more popular. Not just among men but women to. Check out news below:

Megan Fox has the body most envied by women, according to a new poll.

The Transformers actress, who is praised for her classic hourglass figure, has been voted No 1 in Heat magazine's Body Envy Survey 2009.

"We've always known that Megan Fox is a hit with men,” said Heat editor Julian Linley, “but we were surprised at how quickly she has made an impact on women - they consider her to have the most covetable celebrity body."

Wow...she hot.

Nice looking!!

I love this babe.

Heat magazine's Top 10 Most Envied Bodies 2009:

1. Megan Fox
2. Cheryl Cole
3. Kelly Brook
4. Beyonce Knowles
5. Angelina Jolie
6. Jennifer Aniston
7. Jessica Alba
8. Jennifer Lopez
9. Katie Price
10. Rihanna

p/s: Angelina Jolie top 5....maybe she now not very hot coz of age. Hehehe.


joE said...

kelly brook FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!

Angeline said...


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