My Anniversary & Mesra Alam??

Today, 02nd July 2009 was my second year working at Shin Yang Group.

Shin Yang group was one of big company at Sarawak. For ur information:

Shin Yang Sdn Bhd (SY) was incorporated on 24th February 1983.

With the incorporation of SY, out came the “birth” of many sister companies and subsidiaries.

SY and its group of companies became a huge conglomerate of companies and has become a dynamic leading corporation with diversified business activities such as construction, shipping (domestic and international), real estate, plantations, quarrying and other small businesses in just a short period of ten years.

More info: SHIN YANG

Ok...that all... don’t want talk to many about my working place.

Direct to topic Mesra Alam…….hemm I think all knew what Mesra Alam, right? So, I don’t want to explain about it at here. I just want to share some photo for ur entertains.

May 2009, all staff office & workers asking to planted tree near at our working place. See photo below…they all enjoying planted tree. I think next time ask them again plant more tree lo....for Mesra Alam campaign....hahahaha.


Iriene said...

Good to see so many of you do the right thing for our lovely Earth!
In Israel, many tourist, paid US100 just to plant a tree at the deserted land. Smart move coz the land is deserted, only by planting trees will convert it to fertile and environment friendly - less dust, extra's a win-win situation where the tourist was given a certificate of ownership of that particular tree, in turn the certificate as gift to their family member.

Angeline said...

oo i dont know about it. I think it our responsibility to protect our lovely earth..right?

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