Lee min Ho:Office Gurl Crazy About Him

Last Name:Lee
First Name:Min Ho
Ethnic Name:이민호
Date of Birth:June 22, 1987
Blood Type:A
Lee Min Ho is fast becoming one of the next generation of Korean actors to look out for. His lead role as the newest Tsukasa Domyouji in "Boys Over Flowers", the Korean remake of Japanese manga "Hana Yori Dango", is already generating a lot of interest and fans. Many have commented that he looks the most like the manga version of Domyouji and the ratings look promising for the drama.
4 sweet boy...lovely!!!

He smile so sweet lo!!!

Office girls in my working place, really crazy about this guy. Ofcoz lo…. he very cute & handsome to. I think many gurl fall in love with him. Maybe lo.

Actually, at first I don’t know about him …then one day I feel want to ask my friend lo. Who is he?

Ooo….Lee Min Ho. Then that nite I try to search picture of him.

But I forget he spelling name….i wrote LEE MIN HOON in google search….u know what result I got…..all about MEE HOON…hahahahha.

Then the following day, I asking my friend again. How to spell he name. Oooo...LEE MIN HO…this time i got it...hehehe.

I think he sooooooooooo sweet lo. I love he smile......cute also.


Celeste said...

hey min i luv u a lot..............m 1 of ur greatest fan ever born on this MILKY WAY

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