Why I Like It Longer

Emm..why I like it longer?




Bcoz everybody love longer thing.

Oppss…don’t think naughty ok.

What I mean…

Longer life, longer love, longer holiday…longer everything lo.

If u got longer life u have many thing u want to do, especially with u love one
U can spend all u precious & beautiful life with he/she
And love he/she as long u want.

Longer holiday also fantastic but it will make u lazy after u going back working.
So, choose what kind longer u like the most.


For me, I love longer new LG CHOCOLATE BL40.
 The longer I look at it, the longer I dream of it.

I badly want yummy LG CHOCOLATE BL40 bcoz with uniquely long sexy shape that allows for a 4-inch widescreen & complete with a 5.0 Mega Pixel camera, I can capture my sexy post like a supermodel.

Hah…supermodel? Why not…right?

U know why?

Bcoz longer new LG CHOCOLATE BL40 it self already labeled by fashion experts as the ‘Supermodel’ of Phones.
So, with it I will become a supermodel…in my long dream.

Not just become I want become supermodel with this sexy longer LG CHOCOLATE BL40, it also had everything I want…..i want it long long long time before…really?

Oh..my chocolate prince charming....u give me satisfaction & happy long life.

Longer LG CHOCOLATE BL40....the perfect longer choice.

Complete Web Display
The 345x800 (Real WVGA) wide screen offers simple and convenient internet environment and supports multi-touch and full webpage display that does not require horizontal scrolling while providing genuine fun.
Dual Screen UI
Just like Outlook Express, Dual Screen UI splits the screen into two and shows email subject and contents in one view. Instead of searching the email subject then open a new window to view contents, subjects and contents can be quickly cross checked simultaneously.
Panoramic Entertainment
The New Chocolate BL40 features a wide screen 16:9 display ratio but it does not stop there. The screen can be further adjusted to 2.35:1 cinematic wide view for vivid and realistic video contents play at any time and place. The wide display ratio applied to the camera's viewfinder and photo gallery makes photo taking & image searching more dynamic and enjoyable.
One Touch Copy & Paste
The New Chocolate BL40 is optimized for internet browsing and web contents that can be copied and pasted onto schedulers or text messages with a simple touch. You can search flight schedule on the web then send it to a friend via SMS or copy a meeting schedule from an email and store it onto the scheduler.
Gesture Shortcut
With the New Chocolate BL40’s Gesture Shortcut, you can access menus by drawing simple icons on a touch pad. You can set up each of your frequently used menu items to be accessed by one of the twelve gesture icons stored in the handset
Longer LG CHOCOLATE BL40 is Longer perfect dream & satisfaction.
Picture soucre: LG Mobile
The end...That 'why i like it longer'...love u Nuffnang.


jfook said...

Good luck to you.

Nikel Khor said...

wish u a luck..

from Nikel Khor

cr3ap said...

Wow. nice info on the camera :D. Hope you will win it.

Regards from cr3ap

Admin said...

thanks guys...

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