The F ormer Singapore Miss World, Ris Low Promotes Condom Use

There’s never been anything safe about ex-beauty queen Ris Low.

The former Singapore Miss World, who was stripped of her crown last year when a credit card fraud conviction was revealed, is back in the spotlight again, this time as a spokeswoman for condoms and safe sex.

Low, 20, first shot to fame in the city-state after bloggers criticised her English, and her slang inventions “Boomz” and “Shingz” – words even she admits defy clear definition – became national catchphrases.

Low has said bipolar disorder helped trigger a compulsion to steal since she was a child and led to last year’s credit card fraud sentence of two years probation. Now Low is pitching for Espire condoms and preaching safe sex, moves she hopes will improve her image.

“From being infamous to something positive is actually a big change,” Low said in an interview Thursday. “My image is becoming more positive and most people can see the change in me.”

Low said her passion for the safe sex issue comes from knowing a friend who contracted the HIV virus six years ago at 15 and acquaintances who had unwanted pregnancies.

“They have to face that and all the criticism from the public,” she said. “So I think that using safe sex and being responsible for your own actions is important.”

Low said she grew up in a working-class neighborhood in west Singapore speaking Mandarin with her parents and the Chinese dialect Hokkien with her grandparents.

While English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil are the official languages, most Singaporeans speak ‘Singlish,’ a hybrid of English with Chinese sentence structures and words from Malay and Chinese dialects thrown in.

Some critics said someone speaking Singlish shouldn’t represent Singapore at international events such as Miss World.

“I think that Singaporeans speak the way I do,” Low said. “I don’t see anything wrong in speaking like this because I don’t speak with a slang.”

“Maybe I do sometimes, but not with a slang slang.” – AP..source:dailychili


cr3ap said...

Wow. Promoting the use of condom. Lol, cool. Promote by giving them for free or asking people to buy them? or is it just a campaign running on?

Regards from cr3ap

Angeline said...

it thing maybe for campaign...hahahaha

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