10 Ways To Stick To Your Exercise Program

For those who have problem to stick to ur exercise program, maybe this tips can help u to solve it.

1. Know your goals.

2. Work out on the same days and same times each week.

3. Think about past exercise routines that didn’t work. Use this experience to hep you make necessary adjustments in your new routine.

4. Anticipate setbacks.

5. Don’t measure success with weight scales. As you burn fat, you also build muscle.

6. Make changes. It is advantageous to every once in a while set a new exercise routine.

7. Make it fun.

8. Pay attention to the food you eat. Have a realistic and healthy diet and stick to it.

9. Run or walk as much as you can and make this part of your exercise routine.

10. Distract yourself. Listen to your mp3 player, read, or do other things to keep your mind occupied.


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