Wonder Girls-The Best Cute Korean Girls

They all cute & pretty.
They song popular, 'Nobody' make them become a super star & famous.
Wonder Girls...i think boy in this world crazy about u all.
Hahaha....maybe lo!!

Credit: Google

I Love U


..- +"Ann"+-.. said...

wondergirls best.. Girl generation superb.. hehehe.. idup snsd..

TinkrBox said...

I have consolidated all relevant content (music videos, fan site, photos, wiki, twitter and etc) for the korean band Wondergirls in one place for easy reference. Enjoy :)

They can be accessed at http://www.tinkrbox.com/tb/box.jsp?b=kWltMWAnwxUV

HenRy LeE ® said...

i wonder how the new girl will sound like :)

ohmywtf said...

im guilty of singing "nobody" in shower :-P

Admin said...

hehe..really...tq all

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