For Girls Only: How to Marry The Right Man

Attention girls, pls read this carefully........hope it useful..hehe2.

Do you feel you have found the right man. Are you nervous about getting married. Are your friends telling you this is not the man for you and you want to be sure. Well here are some tips to help you out.

1. Don't marry just for looks, marry for the personality as well. 
Don't get me wrong looks are important but you are going to be with this person for the rest of your life. We buy cars because of looks but every couple of years we trade it in.

2. Watch how your man handles conflict not necessarily with you but with other people. 
How he treats other people is how he will treat you eventually. How does he talk to his parents on the phone if he can't respect his own parents how can he respect you.

3. Watch how he interacts with children. 
One day you will want to have kids it will be helpful to know rather or not your man loves children. If you already have kids watch how he interacts with the kids.
4. Does he clean up or do he expect you to clean up. 
This may be fine in the beginning but after a while you will get frustrated with cleaning up after every one in the house with no help. Your man can always say to you, when you married me you knew I didn't cook or clean so don't try to change me now. That's why you need to pay attention to what you want now.

5. Write down everything you want in a man in a personal journal and review it every chance you get.
 Even have a picture of what you want him to look like as well. The law of attraction will draw what you want to you if you can visualize it enough.

P/s: So, are u already found ur Mr. right??


fiona06 said...

good tips :)

NahDaTuLIzaH said...

Sure it very useful when it comes to a big decission.. :)

CikMelur said...

marry the one dat loves you, not the one dat you love...

dun worry if u dun love him at dat moment becoz d love will blossom throughout d marriage. :)

Jong said...

Aw~~~Pretty true~~~

Mimpi said...

Well...we first know someone by their looks, personality comes second.
Only after marriage we see the ugly truth.

2)Paparazzi ?

3)Hard to tell. Depends on his expectation on the kids.
Sometime parent expect to high of their children that they tend to give wrong education/love/etc .
They might be nice with someone else kid maybe just too get ladies(you) attention.

Well, man and woman needs to work together. Help each other doing housework. Although it is quite true man are a bit lazy in doing housework. Rather sit,eat,and relax.

5)Uuuu...a woman who expexct to high would find a trouble in finding the right guy. Human are not perfect .
Finding someone who can fulfill your dream man is hard but not impossible.

secret said...

emmm nice tips

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