PILATEN Crystal Collagen Eye Mask....Let Try It!!

Anyone already try PILATEN Crystal Collagen Eye Mask?

I already try it yesterday.
For me, ok lo...bcoz 1st time used, so no big effect ma.

Some of PILATEN Crystal Collagen Eye Mask that i buy from this blogshop:

If u all want to try it, can buy this product from there.
Maybe some info that u should know about this product before u buy it.

PILATEN Crystal Collagen Eye Mask Recommended by the First Ladies Taiwan Show.
Main Ingredients: Collagen (Collagen) transparent quality (HYALURONIC ACID), provitamin B5, cell growth factor.

Product function: collagen protein supplement, nutrition and moisturizing functions better, so that the skin around the eyes moist, water, and release the active ingredient, the promotion of eye microvascular circulation, strengthen eye skin metabolism, stimulate collagen and elastin proliferation, increased eye skin elasticity, tighten the skin, eliminate eye fine lines, anti coarse grain production, reduce the fatigue caused by the bags under the eyes and dark circles and other phenomena, inhibition of dry eye, eye astringent, so the skin around the eye soft, delicate, bright eyes derive greater look.

Used by:

1. Because of the following factors eye lines, eye bags, dark circles, eye fatigue by:
■ lack of sleep, life and other non-law who often stays up late;
■ improper diet, smoking, excessive persons;
■ long-term use eye makeup or improper use of cosmetics are;
■ menstrual period of women;
■ long-term reading, writing, driving, etc. are easily cause eye fatigue;
■ long-term use of the computer, watching TV are.

2. Eye care in the general population.


After cleansing uninstall, personal massage done eye (can not massage), and then sticking the product, each 1-2 hours; may break or the use of eye fatigue; started, the day 1; 15-30 days later, used once every 1-2 day.


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