Nice Tips: 7 Easy Ways to Slim Your Body

Losing weight is synonymous with burn more calories in the body. If every day you just sit at your computer while you snack, do not be surprised if your body will become increasingly overweight.

Here are some tips to trim that can be applied while in office:

1. Replace snacks

If during this small jar on your desk more often filled with potato chips or peanuts, now is the time you place a bowl of green salad or fresh vegetables.

2. Drinking water

These recommendations may be famous classic but very good for health. Drink a glass of water, at least eight glasses a day for you at the office.

3. Set lunch

Lunch regularly at the same hour. So that no excessive eating, it helps if you bring lunch from home. Besides being more frugal, you can also control meal and know exactly how many calories you consume.

4. Limiting food portions

Begin to restrict portion sizes. If you have been eating one portion of rice, start reducing the amount of 3 / 4 Serves up a half servings.

5. More often engaged

Crowded office hours often do not have time to make your swimming or exercising in the Gym. Therefore, use the stairs as a means of exercise. Even if the place you live near the office, take a walk so you have a good time to walk 10-15 minutes every day.


k0k s3n w4i said...

peanuts? the amount of carbs in those are frightful! i'd go with a celery stick sans dip :)

Admin said...


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