I Hate It, It Make Me Ugly

I hate pimple, it really make my face look ugly. All gurl don't like this pimple come out & say 'hello, here i'm'. To prevent this ugly thing, here is some tips ur gurls can follow. If have any another way, just list it at comment section..ok.
  1. Clean your face at least twice a day with a mild cleanser. Use a PH-balanced cleanser that does not contain too many chemicals or perfume.
  2. Do not hold your face too often, especially if your hands dirty. One of the causes of the emergence of whelk is because the skin is exposed to bacteria from the outside, as there is in your hands.
  3. Avoid held pimple or squeeze. Attached bacteria on the hands or tools that are not sterile, there would be to leave the former in the face.
  4. Clean the face with steam or hot water every week or two weeks. This is good to open the poreto lift dirt in the face remaining.
  5. Should not prevent the pimple from the outside only. Prevention of pimple can also avoid food as in fast food, caffeine or food containing the salt. Foods that contain lots of fiber such as vegetables and fruits is very good for the body and provides nutrition for the skin so the skin will be healthy and avoid pimple.
  6. Find out the food which can cause a pimple that you can avoid.
  7. Avoid stress, because the hormone produced when the body's stress can also trigger the emergence of pimple in the face.


seon said...

i hate it too.,..the most of the nice food are oily and spicy and salty...haiz..

Angeline said...

ye lo..hate it.

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