How to Meet Your True Love in 5 Steps


Here’s some advice to people seeking long-term romantic relationships:

1. Make a short list (5-10 items) of the things that are most important to you in a mate regardless or how common they are. My list was something like: Islamic, wants kids, funny, smart, can manage money, politically left leaning, good in bed, easy to talk to.

2. Ignore the petty stuff. Tall, dark, and beauty? Nice, but not necessary. Don’t turn down dates with people who meet your short list but who have flaws. We all have flaws; that’s part of being human.

3. Tell your friends, coworkers, loved ones that you’re looking for a person with XYZ (XYZ = your short list). They’ll help you. But make sure you mention your short list, otherwise, they’ll try to set you up with people who meet their short list, not yours.

4. Be upfront and honest early. The point of dating when looking for a long-term relationship is to get to know a person. Share your passions early on. Don’t let your relationship get to the six month mark without knowing that your partner is anti-choice and and hates to read. Find this stuff out quickly and if they don’t measure up, leave.

5. If they don’t meet your short list, don’t waste your time. Move on. The longer you stay in a relationship, the harder it is to break-up. So just do it soon and get it over with. You’re better off alone than with someone who doesn’t share your core values.



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