Tips: Advice On Relationships


Every relationship is unique, with its own rhythms and cadences based on the two people involved. But no relationship survives on auto-pilot. Both parties need to work toward making each other happy, commit to the relationship as a whole, and acknowledge their needs as individuals as well as a couple. 

The specifics may differ, but the basics never change. By applying a few simple tips, you can make the road to happiness much easier to travel.



  1. Couples who don't talk to each other are usually doomed. For a relationship to flourish, the two parties must maintain open lines of communication. They need to be able to speak openly and respectfully about their feelings, without bottling them up. 
  3. When problems arise, they need to discuss them. When one partner needs a break or a little support, he or she should ask for it. Communication should be a two-way street. You need to listen when your partner has something to say and should expect the same treatment in kind. Openness between the two of you can't help but strengthen your bonds.
  5. Friendship


  6. Romance is the spice of life, but a relationship needs to thrive on more than candlelit dinners and walks in the moonlight. Sooner or later, you're going to be sitting on the couch with each other on a dull night without much to do. If your relationship contains as much friendship as romantic attraction, that won't be a problem. 
  8. You'll be able to chat with each other about interesting things, participate in different activities together and just enjoy each other's company. As with most aspects of a relationship, friendship needs to come from both parties. Be a reliable and supportive friend to your partner and your partner should do the same for you.
  10. Goals


  11. When entering into a relationship, it helps to define the goals you have for it. This includes both broader, long-term goals and simpler, more immediate goals. You should discuss them with your partner as the relationship is forming and make sure you both have compatible goals. 
  13. Then, as the relationship grows, think about ways you can move toward those goals. Look at the big stuff and the ways you're both planning for it, then find little things you can do each day to make the process easier. Let your partner know that you appreciate his or her efforts, for example, or surprise him or her with a little present every now and then. Those little steps matter, and move you closer to achieving your goals as much as the bigger ones do.



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