My Nuffnang Oh Nuffnang boring idea to post here.
So...i just update my Nuffnang progress only lo.

So far i just received one buffered earning this month.

But so slow earning so 'siput'..haha2.
Bcoz i so lazy to update my blog and blogwalking now.
Sooooo bz with my work and soooo tired.
So better i take a rest...right?

Emm...this one my Nuffnang analytics this week.

all below than 100 visitors per day.
But ok lo....have visitor than nothing..haha2.
Ok....that all...bye2.


Sya Isya said...

Owh! its OK. Better than nothing, right? Keep it up!. i just got 2 BE for yesterday and today, but my trafic lower than 50. Agaga..But today trafic is quite good, more than 50. Very rare to get more than 50 UV in 1 day =).

Admin said...

ye lo....hope earn more..huhuhu...but sometime lazy to update

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