How to Express Love to a Spouse

Expressing love to a spouse is important for all couples, no matter how long they've been married. For newlyweds, it's important because the foundation for the rest of the marriage is laid at the beginning. For couples that have been married for a long time, effectively expressing love is equally as important. 
Becoming comfortable with one another can lead a spouse to believe that, since he has expressed his love many times over the years, it's not necessary to keep doing so. To avoid alienating or hurting your spouse, take time to deliberately express your love for her daily.

1. Cook your spouse's favorite food.  
Let him know you did it to make him feel loved and appreciated. This is a small, unselfish act that can show your spouse that, while you could have made something quick and easy for dinner, you purposefully thought of what would make him happy.

2. Agree to do an activity or go to a place he likes. 
If there's some place your spouse has been wanting to go, make plans to go there. Even if you would have rather gone somewhere else, do your best to genuinely have a good time. Tell your spouse you're glad you did.

3. Ask your spouse what words or actions make him feel loved. 
Then say or do those things. If you struggle to figure out what makes your spouse's love clock tick, just ask him. Your spouse may be pleasantly surprised and pleased at the simple fact that you're making an effort to show your love.

4. Give your spouse verbal praise in front of others. 
It's one thing to express love in private. However, public praise can have the benefit of boosting your spouse's self-confidence while letting others know how you feel about him. This is similar to the effect of the public declaration of your love that you made on your wedding day.

5. Look your spouse in the eye when he addresses you. 
This is a way of signifying that he matters to you and that you care about what matters to him. If you're watching a movie, playing a video game or reading a book when he addresses you, press pause or put the book down. Give him your full attention.



Sassy said...

I agree that cooking your spouse food is a way to express love.

Especially when your partner is appreciative of the hard work spent in preparing the meal.

Admin said...

yup...i agree to....let cook

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