5 Criteria To Be An Ideal Man For Woman

This was a very nice tips, i think u all should read it. Specially for guys out there. Hope it useful. Good luck.
To be an ideal man for woman is not easy. It doesn’t mean that we cannot be an ideal man; there some following steps to be an ideal man:             
1. Confidence and stay cool. As an ideal man for woman must be brave to be friend with her, though she is not your girl friend. Don’t be shy. You should be confident and stay cool and try to be calm down. Because, a woman falls in love is to not with the first look at but when she often thinks her an ideal man.           
2. Simple talk. When you talk to woman, you should simple talk, you must be honest because a woman feeling has 10 times more sensitive than man. If you want to talk because want to get attention of woman. So she will know soon and feel uncomfortable to talk with you. Stop it, because it will not make you become an ideal man.          
3. Don’t be arrogant. As an ideal man should be humble in front of woman, don’t be arrogant, so wise, and flattering. Because, you know that 80% woman decides with feeling, not logic.       
4. Become humorist. Woman likes man who always amuses her with funny story or makes her laugh. You can learn when you go together with her by suing joke. She will laugh and will not be angry. To tell the truth women like joke.


Life Moto said...

Nice advice you have here. what if a man has no sense of hummor?

Angeline said...

thanks...emm not sure..hahaha

Jimmy T said...

But now girls look at guys to see if his pocket have $$ or not and finally if he is handsome or not.

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