What is Your Guy's Ice-Cream Personality??

Waaa...so delicious..i feel want to eat ice cream now....yum yum

Ok....now,let read this info...based on the science of "flavorology", here's what your guy's favorite flavor says about his personality:

Contrary to what you may expect, vanilla lovers aren't bland or boring. Rather, your guy is quite the risk-taker who sets high goals for himself and tends to live a hectic life with an overly filled schedule. He's fun-loving, expressive and prefers a close, secure relationship.

Most compatible with: Other vanilla lovers

Double chocolate chunk
Your partner is creative, charming and enjoys being the life of the party. When it comes to your love life, he often expects a lot of attention from you, but he also puts in just as much effort into the relationship.

Most compatible with: Butter-pecan or chocolate chip lovers

Your man is loyal, trustworthy, and tends to be a little reserved. He's not one to fall head-over-heels in love with someone in a flash, but when he does go into a relationship, he stays committed.

Most compatible with: Chocolate chip lovers

Chocolate chip
He is a confident and ambitious guy who is charming in social situations. Because of his go-getter nature, he can be intolerant of defeat.

Most compatible with: Butter-pecan or double chocolate chunk lover

Butter pecan
He is a perfectionist who is conscientious and detail-oriented, which makes him a very attentive lover or spouse. He also tends to be sexually reserved.

Most compatible with: Other butter-pecan lovers

Hemmm.....which one is my guy personality????


-p.c- said...
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-p.c- said...

What if the guy does not like ice cream cz its too sweet for him?? But he does like strawberry milk shake so does strawberry flavour count??! lol.

Angeline said...

Yup, if it match with u personality..hehehe.

★ whoaamello ★ said...

Aww shucks. Now I want dessert. LOL.

mr.naz said...

sedap2 aiskrim tu...lama tak mam aiskrim nih;) jom angell kiter mam

Mone said...

omg...that pics of ice cream sangat2 yummy...

Angeline said...

ye lah yummy..jom beli

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