Nice Tips: 7 Easy Ways to Slim Your Body

Losing weight is synonymous with burn more calories in the body. If every day you just sit at your computer while you snack, do not be surprised if your body will become increasingly overweight.

Here are some tips to trim that can be applied while in office:

1. Replace snacks

If during this small jar on your desk more often filled with potato chips or peanuts, now is the time you place a bowl of green salad or fresh vegetables.

2. Drinking water

These recommendations may be famous classic but very good for health. Drink a glass of water, at least eight glasses a day for you at the office.

Jom......Online Shopping

This few day, i try to find some clothes at online blogshop.
So many clothes i like.
But i not yet buy lo....still thinking????

Here some clothes i want to buy...maybe lo.

Biscuit City.......So Creative!!


PILATEN Crystal Collagen Eye Mask....Let Try It!!

Anyone already try PILATEN Crystal Collagen Eye Mask?

I already try it yesterday.
For me, ok lo...bcoz 1st time used, so no big effect ma.

Some of PILATEN Crystal Collagen Eye Mask that i buy from this blogshop:

Toilet Signs From All Over the World

Understand the sign Toilet sign all over the world.

U-Kiss In Malaysia On 19 June 2010

Don't miss to watch live U-Kiss at 
Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Plenary Hall
On 19 June 2010.
This Saturday.

This will be the first and Only Fan Meeting in Malaysia for their first album 'U-Kiss Only One Album'. All Kiss Me, be sure to grab this golden opportunity to meet with your favourite group at 'U-Kiss! Me' - U-Kiss Only Private Fan Meeting in Malaysia! You will get to see U-Kiss Perform live, Interact with U-Kiss and Get ALL U-Kiss Members’ Signature all at once in this event!..more info, clik here: U-Kiss

Ice Buildings (Whole Building is built of ice)

Wow....really beautiful, do u thing?

How to Take a Relationship Break


Some couples decide to take a relationship break when things get tough. For some this works fine, for others it can be the end of their relationship. If you're taking a break in your relationship, then observe these 2 simple rules and avoid failing where so many do.

1. Decide what the purpose of taking time apart is. This should be obvious, but without discussing this you will fail to have a clear guide of acceptable behaviour while you're both apart from each other. The purpose of a relationship break should be to reflect upon the relationship itself. To do this whilst apart from each other, where things can be seen from a different perspective.

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